Our Journey (by our Founder)

It all started a few years ago, coming back on the Eurostar from a weekend abroad…

I was talking to my brother’s friend Scott. His new IT company had started getting involved in this EU tendering malarkey and he didn’t get it. Why bother?! Scott knew sales. He knew how things worked in the private sector, so he didn’t understand why having a great client relationship or a good solution wasn’t enough for utility and public sector buyers in the ‘OJEU world’.

Like many SME owners, Scott was frustrated and confused by the process and was becoming disillusioned with tendering altogether.

So I started to explain. Having worked in procurement in the utilities sector for many years, I gave Scott the inside track on how things really work from the buyer’s perspective. I explained about the EU Procurement Rules, why he was being asked to provide different types of documentation, about the procurement process and about the buyer’s decisions and challenges.

All of a sudden his demeanour changed. He seemed upbeat and positive. It was clear I’d managed to teach him something new and change his perspective on the process for the better. The whole thing felt great.

The train ride was over, but my journey wasn’t.

I started SME Bidder to take away the frustration and confusion that Scott felt. And I want us to do everything we can to support SMEs in winning and retaining contracts.

We’re SME Bidder. And we’re on a mission to make tendering a pleasure for SMEs. That’s why it’s our mission.

What Makes Us So Different

  • We only work with SMEs
  • We understand how buyers think
  • We keep it simple for our customers
  • We provide education & training that’s easily accessible
  • We put customer retention & growth ahead of new customer acquisition
  • We fight for a fair deal for SMEs

Our Founder

SME Bidder was founded by Lloyd Johnson.

Lloyd is an MCIPS and PRINCE2 qualified procurement professional who has previously worked for E.ON, the German energy company and Efficio, a leading procurement consultancy firm, during which time he was part of a Managed Procurement Services team at Thames Water.

That experience has provided plenty of knowledge about tenders, managing projects and the EU Procurement Rules. It also means lots of experience training and rolling out new processes and systems.

Having purchased all sorts of weird and wonderful products and services over the years – from repairs to radar, hire cars to hired labour, wind turbines to water treatment – Lloyd has also seen hundreds of bids; the good, the bad and the downright terrible.

Feel free to connect with us to find out how you can avoid the common mistakes Lloyd has seen and learn how to write bids that buyers really want.




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